The Station Pub Run was born on August 30th, 2016.

But the IDEA of the Station Pub run was conceived almost a year prior, during a conversation between two friends. Sitting at the Station bar one quiet Tuesday evening, Steph and Mary (GM of the Station/Crossties, etc.) discussed different ideas for events to host, in order to spread the good word about the newest BBQ joint in town. Steph asked Mary how she felt about having a Pub Run based out of the bar, where up to 50 people would gather weekly to run and then drink and eat. Mary was dubious at first, but was excited to see where this idea would go. Lucky for all of us, she gave the Station Pub Run the stamp of approval.

Steph did not immediately get to work planning the run. She let the idea marinate for many, many months, distracted by grad school and internships. Finally, one fateful Tuesday afternoon in August, Steph sent out a simple email to 15 friends, inviting them to run with her from The Station in Carrboro. Day One: 15 people showed up. That first email was forwarded to another 10 people. The runners that attended began to tell their friends. And those friends told their friends. More emails were forwarded to more friends. Slowly, organically, the Station Pub Run began to grow.

Today around 75 runners regularly attend the Station Pub Run every week, and over 400 lucky folks receive the weekly newsletters. This Pub Run has grown into a solid community of runners of all levels, attended by the wonderful people of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh. We even have a pretty solid contingent of international runners from France, Scotland, England, and Spain.

Join us for a run or two - we'll welcome you into our Pub Run family with open arms!