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Wilson Creek Wilderness

Gragg Prong Falls with Jeff!

Grandfather Mountain

A little covid getaway in the mountains of NC!

Glacier National Park, Montana

Still road trippin' seeing all the sights with Howard!

House of Commons, London, England

The Pint Cup decided to weigh in on the Brexit debate. Guess what, Brexit is still ongoing....

Sturgeon Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

Enjoying a nice cold beer during a snowy sunset. The Pint Cup knows how to live.

Epcot Theme Park, Florida

The iconic Epcot dome looks like a mere scoop of ice cream in the Pint Cup "ice cream cone". Also Jeff Jeff, your shirt has vacation written all over it...

The French Open

Like the jolly good fellow that it is, the Pint Cup enjoys catching the occasional tennis match when I can.

Richmond, Virginia

The Pint Cup persevered through 26.2 wonderful miles!!

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