Where are you from? Raleigh, NC

How long have you lived in the area? Almost 2 years

What are three words your friends would use to describe you? Organized, reliable, and competitive

Why do you run? I run because I always feel good after I finish, even on days I don’t have a great run. Our running community here is pretty fantastic, and it’s nice to see familiar faces while running through town and on race day. Also, I love being able to explore new places on foot, so running in new cities is always fun!

Why did you decide to join the Station Pub Run? I heard from a fellow Pub Runner that the Station Pub Run was the place to be. In other words, Ed Billings recruited me.

What is your favorite thing about the Station Pub Run? Steph’s emails are always enjoyable (seriously, sign up for the emails if you don’t get them already), and I love the variety of people who show up each week. There are some really interesting people who come to Pub Run, and it’s fun connecting with them through an activity we share.

Describe the most recent (appropriate ☺) photo you took with your phone: A picture of a delicious breakfast sandwich I made: eggs, kale, avocado, and sriracha on a whole wheat English muffin.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received, and who gave it to you? Deal with the closest alligator to the boat first. In other words, when you have a lot going on, don’t waste your time and energy worrying about what’s coming later, deal with the problem that needs attention now, and then go from there.

If you could have any talent or skill in the entire world, without needing to practice and money was no limitation, what would it be? The ability to draw and paint. I have zero artistic ability, so that has always been fascinating to me.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know: I cook and bake a lot, which most people know, but most people don’t know that I was burned (literally) pretty badly in middle school, which was followed by a phase where I was completely terrified of interacting with the oven.

Please share your favorite quote or slogan: “Let go or be dragged.”