Meet the Traveling Pint Cup.

(Formerly the Station Pub Run Pint Cup).

This is a sleek and stylish cup that just loves to travel all around the world. Before Covid hit our planet, you could find the pint cup jet setting to waterfalls in both tropical and Icelandic destinations, hiking in the mountains of North Carolina, and kite surfing in La Ventana, Mexico. To date, the Pub Run Pint Cup has traveled to Montreal, Nova Scotia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Colombia, London, South Africa, Mexico, Grandfather Mt in NC, Virginia, Florida, Acadia National Park, and more!

For now, the Pint Cup's travels will be much more local to home, but no pandemic is going to stop this stainless steel beer receptacle from going on adventures! Check the world map to see all the cool places the cup has already been.