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Ipanema Playa, Brazil

The little pint cup loves winter beach trips in the lower hemisphere, especially with these surfing fiends!

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The pint cup made a friend.

Virginia Beach, VA

I hear that Gizmo Beerworks beer tastes even better at the beach out of a pint cup. šŸ™‚

Off the Coast of Falmouth, MA

I'm on a BOAT.

La Ventana, Baja, California

The Pint Cup returned to Baja with Agustin for another kite surfing trip with his friends from all over the world!

Playa Galardonada, Costa Rica

The PInt Cup made a new friend!! And then got thrown down from a tree. No pint cups (or monkeys) were harmed in the capturing of this photo.

Wrightsville Beach, NC

The Pint Cup traveled out to Wrightsville Beach to attend a conference and celebrate Andy's birthday! Work and play all in one!

Fort Raleigh Triathlon, NC

First triathlon after bringing a new life into this world (Allison had a baby, Derek helped a little..) = giant achievement that should not go unnoticed!

Virginia Beach, VA

A nice post-hurricane Dorian visit to VA beach. Beaches are more pleasant when there isn't a hurricane pummeling the shore.

Virginia Beach Half Marathon

At it again - Tom and Kristen returned to VA beach to kill it in the half marathon!

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