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Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy

Ironic that the pint cup escaped hurricane Florence in NC by heading to Florence, Italy?! Two Florences, two VERY different experiences.

Basilica di San Luca, Bologna, Italy

Always one for adventure, the pint cup had to climb a ton of stairs, through 666 arches to get to the Basilica at the peak, the longest ‘portico’ in the world. It took Lara and Theo along as it's personal porters.

Rome, Italy

The perk of having parents that move to other continents (other than their inability to "just drop in" on you) is getting to travel to go visit them!! The best part about this is that Shauna was so focused on getting a pic of the cup with the Colosseum, she forgot to take a photo of this historic structure without the cup. 😀

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