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Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

You're the only Ten I See - covid winter getaway.

Grandfather Mountain

A little covid getaway in the mountains of NC!

Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan

The Pint Cup tried to be mature while watching scantily clad men wrestle one another.

Fort Raleigh Triathlon, NC

First triathlon after bringing a new life into this world (Allison had a baby, Derek helped a little..) = giant achievement that should not go unnoticed!

Virginia Beach, VA

A nice post-hurricane Dorian visit to VA beach. Beaches are more pleasant when there isn't a hurricane pummeling the shore.

Virginia Beach Half Marathon

At it again - Tom and Kristen returned to VA beach to kill it in the half marathon!

Schooner Mercantile, Camden, Maine

Ahoy from aboard the Schooner Mercantile! The Pint Cup swabbed the deck, walked the plank, and went swimming in freezing cold Atlantic Maine waters.

Raleigh, NC

The Pint Cup attended a Galloway training session with Tom in Raleigh! Go little pint cup, go!

Ultimate Frisbee, Maryland

The pint cup does enjoy sports other than running (sometimes). This time around it enjoyed an invigorating game of ultimate frisbee at the Maryland Discovery Sports Center with Kim.

Historic Roxboro

Checking out the local sights and scenes of North Carolina!

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