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Zen Squirrel Trail Run

A whole lotta pub runners and pint cups were sighted at the Zen Squirrel trail run!,

Virginia Beach, VA

A nice post-hurricane Dorian visit to VA beach. Beaches are more pleasant when there isn't a hurricane pummeling the shore.

Blue Ridge Relay – 2019!

Several groups of pub runners (UNC Med students, Godiva Track Club master's ladies) headed west in 2019 to the mountains of NC to run the Blue Ridge Relay! The pint cup helped them all run 200 miles to the finish line in Asheville, NC!

Stone Mountain, North Carolina

Hikety hikety hiking at Stone Mountain with a group of Pub Runners!

Schooner Mercantile, Camden, Maine

Ahoy from aboard the Schooner Mercantile! The Pint Cup swabbed the deck, walked the plank, and went swimming in freezing cold Atlantic Maine waters.

San Cristobal Hill, Santiago, Chile

The Pint Cup enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL view of a Santiago sunset, from atop nearby San Cristobal Hill with Sam and Meli. <3

Carolina Yacht Club, Wrightsville Beach

The pint cup took a trip out to the coast and competed in a sailing race with Derek and Allison.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Two enduring symbols of American freedom."  ~Yik Lam


After an epic pint cup hand off in NYC, Alex and Jess jetted off to Switzerland to show the little cup that the hills are indeed, alive with the sound of music.

General Grant National Memorial, NYC

Epic pub runner meet up early in the morning in the middle of NYC to specially deliver a pint cup! One runner ran 8 miles to get here, the other may have rolled out of bed onto public transportation? Either way, a pint cup was handed off just days before Alex flew to another country!

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