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Playa Galardonada, Costa Rica

The PInt Cup made a new friend!! And then got thrown down from a tree. No pint cups (or monkeys) were harmed in the capturing of this photo.

Louisa May Alcott’s House – Concord, MA

The Pint Cup visited the famous author's house just weeks before the cast of the 2019 Little Women movie visited!! The Pint Cup is like, basically famous.

Somewhere in Arkansas

This business trip was not very nice to the Pint Cup, and the entire state of Arkansas has been blamed by Jeff Jeff for the cup's bad fortune.

National Center for Atmospheric Research – Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO

The Pint Cup followed Jeff Herrick on a business trip out to Colorado, and breathed in that sweet, sweet fresh mountain air.

Moon Hill, Yangshuo, China

Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Pint Cup knows the right people as it was let into the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Great Wall of China

The Pint Cup returned to the Great Wall with Yik and Emma and took in the beautiful sights and sounds!

Senso-Ji, Tokyo, Japan

The Pint Cup discovered this shrine accidentally, and it was the best mistake it ever made.

Osaka Castle, Japan

The Pint Cup left Osaka with a whole new respect for and fear of the Samurai.

Takahara, Kumano Kodo, Japan

The Pint Cup stayed in a lovely Ryokan and ate more delicious food than it knew what to do with.

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