Where are you from?  Born in Germany; raised in California and England before settling in Sanford, NC at the tender age of 10.  More than two-thirds of my life has been spent living in NC so I consider myself a Tar Heel now.

How long have you lived in the area?  I’ve lived in Chapel Hill/Carrboro on and off since 2002, when I first arrived as an undergraduate at UNC.  Living abroad (for work) and in Raleigh (for grad school) doesn’t compare to living in the “Southern Part of Heaven”.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?  Motivated, Friendly, Hermione Granger (I’m told I look like her a lot).

Why did you decide to join the Station Pub Run?  I kept hearing about it from other SPR friends (shout outs to the Binkleys, Hwingrams, and my BFF Matthew McKirahan) who said I should join.  My work schedule didn’t allow me to fully participate until this summer and I haven’t looked back! I make SPR a regular part of my running schedule and credit it with making me faster and stronger, which has paid off in spades with local races (like the Tour de Carrboro series, Bull CIty, Florence Forth, and City of Oaks).  I’m pretty sure that my first sub-30 5K is going to be during a SPR.

What is your favorite thing about the Station Pub Run?  The people - I know that I’m going to see friends every time I go - and meet at least one new person who shares the same interests as me:  running and beer! Steph makes SPR a place where you feel welcome no matter who you are or how fast or far you’re going on Tuesday night. She makes it a point to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, birthdays, milestones, etc., which really brings the group together.

Describe the most recent (appropriate ☺) photo you took with your phone:  My morning coffee in my new Fleet Feet mug - another vice of mine.  Before that it was a picture of a beer from Haw River. I’m sensing a trend here...

What is the best piece of advice you ever received, and who gave it to you?  My mom told me once that you can’t help others unless you help yourself first.  Of course she was right - aren’t moms always right? I ignored the second part of that equation for the longest time; my natural instinct is to be selfless in the face of others.  I finally learned that lesson earlier this year and started making changes to adopt this mindset - and it’s worked well thus far.

If you could have any talent or skill in the entire world, without needing to practice and money was no limitation, what would it be?  I love music (singing and playing instruments) but I never had the time/money to invest in lessons growing up. Right now I sing in the shower and play solo piano or guitar, but if I could have any talent or skill it would be to play and sing more in public.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know:  On the heels of the previous question - most people would be surprised to know that I have terrible stage fright and a fear of public speaking, which is ironic considering I’m a teacher and spend my days in front of a classroom!  It’s one thing to talk to my kids and teach them daily; it’s another to get up in front of a group to make a presentation or perform.

What is something you have done recently, or are about to do, that you are proud of?  If we’re speaking frankly, the thing I am most proud of is coming back from injury and recovering from depression earlier this year - thanks in part to those awesome friends I referenced earlier.  Running has played a huge role in building those relationships, and when I thought I didn’t have that, they really came through to show me how important it all is. I spent four months sidelined from a moderate ankle sprain and started running again in March - it was a struggle to get started again but with their help and encouragement, I’m stronger and happier than a year ago at this time.  It shows in the PRs I’ve notched this year, but more importantly in the relationships I have with the people around me.

Please share your favorite quote or slogan:

Serious - “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” - Frank DeVito

Funny - “You can’t make everyone happy.  You’re not an avocado.” - Unknown

Anything else you’d like to share with us?!  Station Pub Run is truly special - where else can you run, enjoy tasty food and beers, meet friends and turn strangers into friends, and enjoy camaraderie that brings you back week after week - not to mention doing all this in one of the coolest locales around?  Many thanks to Steph and the folks at The Station and Crossties for all they do for us!